Hollywood cinema’s famous film series Fast and Furious 9 set on a painful accident. The stuntman has been seriously injured by falling from a height of 30 feet while filing action scenes.

It is being told that at the time of the accident, Fast and Furious 9’s entire starcast was present on the set.

According to the news of the English website DNA, the incident took place on Monday afternoon when the stuntman was doing an action scene at a height of 30 feet.

According to the report, during this stuntman had taken complete security, but the safety cable broke down due to the crash. On the spot, the injured stuntman was admitted to the London Hospital.

At the same time, seeing the incident, the film’s main hero Vin Diesel is quite shocked and shocked. If the reports say that this incident of stuntman falling from a height of 30 feet has been recorded in the director’s camera. At the moment, the stuntman’s condition remains serious.

Talk about Fast and Furious 9, in this film, artists like Vin Diesel, John Cena and Michel Rodriguez are in the lead role. The film will be released in theaters on May 21 next year. Fast and Furious’s first film came in 2001. After this, all the sequels of the film have made a lot of headlines.

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