China’s smartphone maker Vivo has announced the world’s fastest charger. Vivo has launched a 120-watt charger, and the company claims that the 4000 mAh battery will be fully charged in just 13 minutes.

Please tell that before this, Shawmi has introduced 100-watt Super Charge Turbo Technology with the help of which 4000 mAh battery can be fully charged in 17 minutes.

According to Vivo’s claim, this 120-watt charger can charge up to 50 percent battery charge in just 5 minutes. In this case, it will be called the world’s fastest charger.

The company has also released a video about it. Although Vivo did not provide information about the technology used in this charger.

At the same time, Vivo’s first phone with this super-fast charger will be launched by the end of this year.

At the same time, it is also expected that the company will launch this charger in the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2019 in Shanghai, as the company is about to launch its first 5G smartphone in this event.

It is worth noting that Vivo launched its gaming phone iQOO in April this year, which has fast charging support.

The company claims that the battery of the iQOO phone will be fully loaded in just 45 minutes with the charger it receives.

A 4000 mAh battery is provided in the iQOO.

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