Now, whatsapp launch a new features in Android and iOS it’s called a dictated feature. So there is a mic feature you have to dictate it and you can send then whom you want to send in your contacts.

You are knowing as well Google Assistant and Siri both are using this type of tech. Now Whatsapp also provided same thing.

Next Whatsapp Update:Consecutive voice messages
Next Whatsapp Update:Consecutive voice messages by lifehackes

Here’s How :

For this first of all you have to open whatsapp in your mobile then select contact from contact list whom you want to send from there you have to just tap an mic on top right and remember one thing in iOS it’s available in bottom right. After that while pressing on mic icon you have to start dictating your messages and it’s very smart it’s understand you comma “,” question mark “?” each and everything. After completing your messages you have to just press the send button and message will be send.

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