The old rumours started again that will Sunil Grover return in Kapil Sharma show after mid-air brawl last year since then sunil and kapil both breakup. If you people remember than last year they had show in Dubai while returning they had a few sentenced fight there Sunil, Chandan Prabhakar and Ali Asgar also post that matters. After Ali also left the shows and many of them called its unprofessional-ism.

After a year Kapil back from his illness and many more things he started again The Kapill Sharma Season 2 in this December and show produced by SKF Salman Khan Banner’s and Kapil started with roaring once.

Sunil grover show Kanpur khuranas going-off air Sunil says that “We Achieved The Unachievable With The Show!”

The returning of Sunil Grover is in suspense because one source said that

“Sunil has no plans of returning to The Kapil Sharma Show anytime soon. He is currently shooting for Bharat and still has two episodes of Kanpur Wale Khuranas to shoot. But it can be said that Sunil will not be returning to the show as of now.”

It is also not a hidden fact that Kapil Sharma has not only apologised to Sunil Grover multiple times but he always said that Sunil’s welcome on his team. So reuniting only Sunil can tell us when will the reunion happen.

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