Microsoft Windows 10 such a complex, nuanced, and vast piece of software, it makes sense that there are little tricks and most of people don’t even know about. There are some things you may know but there are some things too you may have not known about. Few are available in Windows in few generations while some are native to Microsoft’s most recent OS. If we talk about Windows 10 it’s keep update with major releases.

So, without wasting your time let’s get started :

Aero Shake :

Aero Shake is one of the oldest option continuing from Windows 7 to Current one. 

What’s the work?

It’s minimise all windows except active windows on you working. Shake again all windows will come back.

Shortcuts:   Windows logo+Home button.

Note: If Snap is on please make sure it’s off then Aero Shake will work.

God Mode in Windows 10 How to enable :

A Superb Folder hidden in Windows 10 give you quick access in one place. This folder provides links to a range of administration tools. It’s been while in older versions and good news is its still alive.

Right Click on Desktop go to new folder -> Select New Folder after then provide new name -> ” GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} ” then just enter.

You can drag also any command from God Mode.

Cortana: Hidden games in it.

Xbox Now available in Windows 10. There are lots of game to play like “Sea of thieves”,”Forza 7 Motor Sport” and many more…..

Video streaming :

You can, though, using compatible devices such as Roku and Xbox One S. Type “media streaming” into the Windows 10 taskbar -> Select Media Streaming Options and follow the instructions.

Record screen activity :

One of my favourite option when you’re in the game or video, click on the Windows key on your keyboard and the letter G at the same time. Follow the prompts to record.

Convert any file in PDF :

In Today’s nobody has time to see print documents. You usually listen that “just send me mail your document as PDF  file to me i will see it later”.

To do this just follow the steps to print . When you see the option to choose a specific printer, select the one that says, “Microsoft Print to PDF.”

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