As we know china it’s famous for doing something new. Mostly we arrive hotel we always demand a room at-least at top but in china now they offer just opposite.

Rooms are priced from 3394/- yuan ($668) a night, according to the Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts website, while the maximum price for a suite is more than a whopping $14000 and comes with butler service.

Chinese state media Xinhua said the quarry was exploited during World War II, but was shut down in 2000 due to new environmental protection regulations.Developer Shimao Group reportedly bought the land in 2006 to build the large-scale underground resort.

The luxury hotel (18-storey) is almost entirely subterranean having two floors above ground and the rest underground. The bottom two floors of the hotel are underwater.

The Hotel designed by British architect Martin Jochman also the brains behind the luxury hotel Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai.

The Hotel cost $287.9 M it’s built in the Sheshan Mountain Range, on the hem of Shangai. It encloses 336 rooms and suites.

Inner View

Last two floors have underwater suites that feature in-room aquariums where guests can enjoy the aquatic ecosystem of the decommissioned quarry. Other highlights of the exotic resort are its cascading glass waterfall, a glitzy amusement park and exposed rocks

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