The Google-owned online video streaming site YouTube has taken a big decision about content that promotes hatred and hate.

YouTube is deleting a video that is spreading hatred on its platform. This information is given by Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

In a statement, he said that in the last quarter, the company has removed more than 9 million videos from its platform, though he also said that YouTube is such a big platform.

In this case, the solution to this problem is not possible too soon.

Sundar Pichai told CNN in an interview that we are committed to giving better content on our platform and for this we are working hard.

We hope that we will see a lot of changes in the next few years.

We are constantly monitoring our platform. He further said that last week, the company has made significant changes to the policy of preventing hate content.

Explain that YouTube has been criticizing criticisms for videos that have spawned hatred on their platforms over the past several years

and are in dispute, although the company is constantly working to remove such content from its platform and use the filters Still working.

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