Justin Bieber new single titled “Yummy”.

After a long awaiting Justin finally released his song “Yummy”. After listening to this song now everyone mentioned that this song Justin Bieber dedicated to his wife.

Justin Bieber – Yummy (Lyric Video) Credit: JB Offical Youtube

Her name is Baldwin (wife of Justin Bieber) whom he married in November 2018. This song is 3 minutes and thirty seconds long with lyrics you can watch on YouTube. It’s a fully musical love letter for a woman.

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A “Yummy” song released on Thursday midnight for his fans.

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SEO Tips to Improve Organic Traffic in few Minutes

Hey, friends am here writing another piece of content about SEO [search engine optimization] Tips to Improve Organic Traffic.

SEO Tips to Improve Organic Traffic in few Minutes

One of the easiest things to do is improve page speed with lazy load. Lazy loading basically means to defer the loading of non-critical resources at page load time. In other words, things like images or videos will only load when they’re visible on the page.

This will reduce initial page load time, initial page weight, and system resource usage, all of which should positively impact performance.

Aside from the fact that page speed is a so-called “ranking factor,” faster loading pages provide a better user experience for your visitors and as a result, can reduce metrics like bounce rate.

If you’re a WordPress user, there’s a free plugin called “A3 Lazy Load” which is basically plug-and-play. And, if you’re not using WordPress, you can use the intersection observer API or search for plugins made for your CMS.

Improve Click through Rate [ICR]:

The next thing I recommend doing is improving click through rate for pages ranking on page one. I’d say it’s widely accepted in the SEO community that pages with a higher click through rate can help increase rankings.

But even if that was all a myth, it doesn’t really matter because more clicks equal more visitors. So improving CTR… never a bad thing.

Now, since 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, I recommend focusing on improving CTR for your first-page rankings. To do this, log in to Google Search Console and go to the Search Results or Performance report.

Make sure to click on the Average CTR and Average Positions boxes, which will add additional data points in the table below. Next, set a Positions filter to only show targeting keywords with a ranking position of 10 or lower.

Finally, I’ll sort the table by impressions in descending order, and also change this filter to show at least 100 keywords per page. From here, just skim through the list, and look for keywords that

a) make sense,
b) are not branded terms for other company names,
c) have a reasonable number of impressions,
d) have a lower than average click through rate.

Alright, so here you’ll see that we rank for “SEO strategy” with an average position of around 6 and an average CTR of just 1%. According to AWR’s CTR curve for this position, CTR should be around 2.8 to 3.5 percent.

Title Tag Optimization:

So I’d probably want to focus on possibly tweaking the title tag to get more clicks. Now, it’s important to note that when optimizing your title tags, you should be looking for the primary keywords you’re targeting.

For example, SEO strategy is clearly the keyword we’re targeting for this page. We wouldn’t change our title tags to the “SEO marketing strategy content template” because that’s not what the article is about.

Another key point to take note is that the Search Console only shows you average positions. This data can sometimes be misleading since positions can jump in and out of the top 100 or anything in between at any time.

You can get more precise keyword ranking positions using Semrush or Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker tool. Alternatively, you can use Semrush or Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to see data on any website. Just enter the domain or subfolder you want to research.

Then I’ll go to the Organic Keywords report. Next, I’ll set a filter to only show pages ranking in the top 10. And just like that, we have a list of keywords with exact ranking positions based on these dates and also have the option to see historical ranking positions for any keyword.

The next tip is one of my favorites and that’s to send emails to everyone you link to. With link building, you need to find prospects, vet them, find their emails, and somehow naturally ask them to link to you.

But by using this simple 10-minute outreach strategy, it cuts out a lot of steps in the link building process. Now, while the intent of the email isn’t to actually build links, it’s a great way to passively earn them and grow your network while you’re at it. Here’s how it works in two steps.

Step 1 is to take note of all the sites you’re linking to. After all, you’ll probably only link to pages when you respect their content.
Step 2, find their email addresses and just send them a quick note just to let them know that you’ve linked to them.

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Now, while this doesn’t usually result in immediate links, it helps you start a conversation, and it can open up opportunities to have influencers recognize your work.

For example, you’ll see in our SEO tips post that Josh wrote that Buzzstream is the best tool in the industry for managing, and keeping track of scaled outreach campaigns.

In this case, he could reach out to the blog editor, marketing manager or social media manager and say something like Hey [name], Long time Buzzstream user and superfan of your tool.

I just recommended y’all as the best outreach tool in our SEO tips article. I hope it sends some well-deserved customers your way.

If your content is unique and well-written, you’ll often get compliments, which can open up natural opportunities for you to guest post or work together on another level.

If you plan to try this technique, I recommend watching our video on using negotiation and persuasion when building links. Next up is to add internal links to your new pages.

Internal Links:

Internal linking is important. It improves crawlability, gets your pages indexed faster, improves topical relevance, and distributes PageRank to other pages so you can rank higher in Google.

So what I recommend doing is looking for topically relevant pages on your site that you can link from immediately after you publish your new post.

Just go to Google and search for something like site:yourdomain and then add a keyword that’s related to your new page. So in this case, you’ll see that the search results show pages from our blog that mention the phrase “link building.”

Then visit relevant pages and look for places where you can add links to your new posts. Now, if you want to take a little bit more of a strategic approach, I recommend using Semrush or Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar, where you can see the URL rating for each page.

URL Rating is a Semrush or Ahrefs’ metric, which represents the overall strength of a page’s backlink profile.

Since Google doesn’t provide public PageRank scores anymore, it’s kind of our own way to measure page-level authority, which we’ve found to correlate with search traffic quite nicely.

If you want to learn more about funneling PageRank through internal links, I recommend watching our SEO strategy video using the middleman method. The next tip is to become a power skimmer of HARO using Gmail filters. HARO stands for “Help a Reporter Out.”

It’s a free service where journalists can ask questions, and anyone can respond and be a source for mega publications like The New York Times and Forbes.

HARO is one of my favorite ways to build authority links and it’s something I recommend to everyone at any stage.

The thing with this service is that they usually send three emails per day which can be quite overwhelming, considering 90% of the queries probably won’t be relevant to you.

So a quick hack to make sure opportunities don’t get missed is to lighten the load with Gmail filters. After you’ve created a HARO account, just go to your Inbox and click on the caret to bring down Gmail’s search options.

Next, set the From field to haro@helpareporter.com. Then, you’ll want to set the subject to HARO within square brackets since all of their emails include that in the subject line.

Finally, set the Has the words field to any keyword you want to monitor. And you can also use the OR search operator to include multiple keywords or phrases.

Then click Search to see the results your search filters would include and check out some of the emails to ensure you’re getting relevant results. If everything looks good, click on the caret again and then click Create filter.

You’ll then have options to apply labels, mark it as important, or forward it to another team member to take care of. The next tip is to perform an annual content audit.

A content audit is where you analyze the performance of all content on your site to see whether it should be kept as-is, updated, deleted, consolidated, or redirected. And it’s not uncommon to get impressive results.

For example, we did a content audit on Semrush or Ahrefs’ blog and got a seven and a half percent increase in traffic after deleting 31.7% of our pages.

Siege Media saw around a 50% traffic increase for one of their clients after cutting around 15% of the content from the site.

And I’ve personally seen a traffic increase of 80% after deleting 74% of my pages. Now, content audits can take several hours to do, but we’ve actually created a spreadsheet that automates a good chunk of the process for you, so you can identify action items in under 10 minutes.

Finally is something we practice a lot at Semrush or Ahrefs, and that’s to repurpose your best-performing blog posts to videos, and your best videos to blog posts.

Now, there are a couple of great reasons to repurpose your content. First, people enjoy different content formats based on nothing more than personal preference.

Some people I’ve met at conferences, they tell me that they always read the blog, but have never seen a single one of my videos.

And the same happens for people who’ve watched all of my videos but haven’t read a single post. People go to channels which they prefer and having both an active blog and YouTube channel, allows us to reach more people in the place they want to learn.

On top of that, we’re able to consistently reach a ton of new people every single month through both channels, allowing us to passively generate new leads and customers for our tools.

Second, you can own multiple spots in Google Search. Since videos are showing up more in Google’s SERPs, we often try and own as much real estate as possible.

For example, if you search for “SEO tutorial,” you’ll likely see my videos as well as our blog post. Search for “how to do keyword research,” and you’ll see our image result, three of our videos, and our blog post.

Now, the actual work of repurposing content can take quite a bit of time, but strategically identifying the topics to repurpose can be done fast.

So I repurposed the video into a blog post since it gets searched around 17,000 times per month on Google. And today, we rank #1 on YouTube for that keyword, own a spot in the video carousel on Google, and have a top 10 ranking for our blog post.

The final way is by using some common sense. A couple of months ago, I repurposed our SEO checklist from our blog.

There’s decent search demand on Google, but basically no searches on Video Website like YouTube. But by analyzing other competing videos on that topic.

I saw that this one was able to generate a ton of views likely through other traffic sources, like suggested videos and browse features. So after a few months, we’ve racked up over 35,000 views to this video.

A blog post we probably wouldn’t repurpose is something like this one on meta robots. YouTube is both an entertainment and educational marketing medium. And no matter how hard I try to make it super-entertaining or actionable, I don’t think there’s much I could do.

One final tip on repurposing content is to give the repurposed version a twist rather than directly copying it. What I generally do is look at the subheadings of the blog post, then put my own spin and angle on the topic.

There is google analytics you can take help while on google search terms you can read it. Few things like Page title, case studies or creating content must go through deeply why you are writing.

There are lots of free tools like Smart Seo Tools you can take help also.

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James Bond: No Time To Die Trailer Out| Cast, Release Date

James Bond’s upcoming movie No Time to die as usually is a spy action film directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. This is the twenty-fifth installment in the James Bond series

James Bond: No Time To Die Cast, Trailer, Relase Date

In the first trailer of No Time to Die totally focus on what happens after Bond’s decision to leave agencies and MI6. The story started when his friend Felix Leiter ask his help for missing scientist that 007 returns to the world he once ruled.

Jamed Bond Star Daniel Craig

Craig’s series has favored the character development that counting on the previous installment will offer. While Casino Royale acted as bring up, Quantum of Solace distributed with the thought of a complete journey and provided an end to Craig’s first outing.

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Skyfall, a celebration of Bond’s 50-year history, perceived to operate as a complete film.

James Bond A Villain

Spectre, very similar to Quantum, verified to be somewhat disputable, not solely by ligature to the previous motion-picture show. However making a plan at the guts of Craig’s run, all musical organizations by Bond’s adopted brother, Franz Oberhauser higher referred to as Blofield (Christoph Waltz).

James Bond A Villain Role

Complaints that this animal tissue weakened previous entries, and also the agency of characters. Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) and forest (Javier Bardem), diode several to take a position that Craig’s final outing would go the complete route. With Craig evoking the films of Roger Moore and a lighter tone than what had preceded.

However, the most recent trailer proves that’s not the case which, if something, No Time to Die is doubling down on the animal tissue. That has outlined this most up-to-date iteration of Ian Fleming’s known spy.

What do You think about ‘No Time TO Die’ Trailer 2020?

No Time To Die Cast:

Star Cast

  • Daniel Craig
  • Rami Malek
  • Léa Seydoux
  • Lashana Lynch
  • Ben Whishaw
  • Naomie Harris
  • Jeffrey Wright
  • Christoph Waltz
  • Ralph Fiennes

Directed By Cary Joji Fukunaga
Produced By Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli
Cinematography By Linus Sandgren
Music by Dan Romer
Edited by Tom Cross, Elliot Graham
Production Company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Eon Productions

Release Date: 8 April 2020 (United States),2 April 2020 (United Kingdom)

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What Is SEO And How Does It Work? [Ultimate Guide 2020]

Why you would want to rank using SEO and SEO is search engine optimization also known as organic search you also may as hear us say organic listings we’re going to talk a little bit about why you would want to rank your website in organic search okay what is search engine optimization.

What is Seo and How Does it work in 2020

Then we’re going to follow that up with how does. Google rank websites so why does it rank one website over another and how do we get our website to rank number one then. We’re going to talk about the different types of SEO or search engine optimization techniques.

So you can get your website ranked number one and then we’re gonna finish that off with the do’s and don’ts of. SEO so let’s get right to it and talk about why SEO so we’re gonna use a basic example and let’s just say you have a blog.

You’re a food blogger you’re passionate about food and your niche is ice cream and let’s just say you have a lot of ice cream recipes. You want to get traffic to your blog you want people to read your blog and you’re curious.

Why am I not ranking for my blog why when people type in ice cream recipes and say Google my blog post don’t appear at the top of organic rankings and there’s a number of reasons why you wouldn’t be ranked for.

Your blog post or your ice cream recipes and the main reason would be your competitors. So there could be somebody else out there who is also passionate about ice cream and has been blogging.

Along a longer than you and they have more content and more blog post and more pages for Google to rank. So that’s usually the number one reason the other reason is improper usage of keywords and we’re going to talk a little bit tor it’s actually. A lot more about you know keyword usage in your content so what kind of keywords do you want to rank for that’s really.

What we’re talking about when we talk about usage of keywords what keywords do you want to rank for and how do we work. Those keywords into the content another reason is poor link building practices and really that means our other blog post or other websites linking to you also.

Are you linking to other pages on your website and so it’s all about link building and with link building. It’s internal linking so are we linking from one blog post to another and it’s external linking or other web sites of high quality linking to us and so that’s what we talk about. When we talk about link building and then another reason is web page load time so you could be running your blog post on say WordPress.

For example and your blog post isn’t loading fast enough well if you look at it this way think about it if your. Google would you really want to rank a website or blog post in this example number one. On Google rankings if that particular page loaded very slow no you wouldn’t because when somebody clicked on that link in organic search and went to your website.

They’re gonna have a bad experience because the page is going to load slow so Google doesn’t want their users to have a bad experience. You don’t want your users to have a bad experience and so that’s why web page load time is a critical factor for ranking. So we need to make sure that our web pages load fast and then your user experience is not good enough.

So Google again based on about the web page load time Google wants people to have a good experience. When they go from their search engine to your website and there’s a lot at play there specifically web page load time but also you know Google doesn’t want any spam content.

Google doesn’t want any pop-ups or overbearing ads on the web page. They want people to or searching for something in particular let’s just say ice cream recipes and they want to find a relevant website that has ice cream recipes.

They want to be able to click on that link and read some good content about ice cream recipes. It’s that simple and that’s really what Google’s trying to create in their environment and that’s you as an end-user as a website owner.

You want your users to have a good experience and then last but not least your website is the indexed by mistake and really what we mean is the indexed as Google. Needs to be able to index all the pages on your website so if you have a blog with 100 suppose you want Google to have access to all 100 recipes so we’re going to talk a little bit later about.

How to get your pages ranked or indexed on Google organic search:

So let’s move on to what is SEO so sticking with our ice-cream blog theme really. SEO search engine optimization really is the practice of increasing your pages that Google has indexed up the rankings so the end result is we want all our pages to be ranked number one for particular keywords. So if you want to be ranked for ice cream recipes well there’s certain things you need to do so.

That’s generally how it works we need to apply search engine optimization to increase a page for keyword. We want to be found for so let me give you an example so let’s just say there’s a hundred students that participated in an essay competition and so the competition in this particular case is evaluated.

On the basis of is the content relevant are they using suitable titles for their essay do they have structure. When they’re participating in this essay are talking about the essay and do they have a suitable synopsis and is the content neat and readable. These seem all logical for an essay competition well guess what they seem logical for SEO because that’s exactly how SEO works it’s exactly all those points.

I just mention about structure logic readability organization title all those things are what’s important in SEO and so we need relevant content we need titles for our pages.

Google needs to be able to see structure we need to have synopsis of what the page is about and that’s called a meta description and then again that the content needs to be readable and that’s important and so in order to be readable again.

We’re going to talk more about site speed because site speed is important. When we talk about responsive design when I say responsive design that means your site your page needs a load both on desktop and also on mobile and so all these things are important just like an essay competition.

Google is the judge and they need to be able to determine what page is bad to rank number one. Number two number three etc on Google search and then link building remember.

I mentioned link building a moment ago well link building internally and externally also plays a vital role. We’re going to talk about that a little bit later in the class when we talk about an off page SEO.

I’m it’s Google rank website and basically Google follows three basic steps to rank a website they need to crawl your website they need to take what they crawl back to their servers and when they take it back to their servers.

Your web pages they need to you have them available for indexing so when somebody actually types in a keyword into Google com. It’ll be available to be found on organic search. So that’s when indexing is all about and then Google’s job when somebody does type in a search query is to basically rank though those pages that they’ve indexed from number.

1 to infinity depending on how many pages are relevant to that search query so really it’s about crawling indexing and ranking so prowling is simply a process done by which Google has BOTS.

What Google Bots Do:

These bots do is they go to your web server and they’re going to crawl every page. That they can find and how did they find these pages well they basically follow links. You might have heard the term spider but that’s what they call search engine spider in.

Basically what Google is doing is they’re building a web so to speak all the links that they’re following and so when they can follow all these links on. Your website they’re going to be able to crawl them and when they crawl them basically they’re going to take that content and store it on their servers.

It’s available in their index so based on this method Google finds out which websites have relevant content and which ones don’t based on certain keywords that are typed into. Google because if they can’t crawl your website you’re not going to be found and if you can’t be found. They’re not gonna show up for relevant keywords so we need to make sure your site’s available but we crawl then we’ll talk about that a little bit later.

You an example so let’s just go to Google search and if I type in the keyword simply. Learn I could see I have 1 million 10,000 results okay and that’s how many results are showing up for simply learn.

Now they may not all be simply learn pages but nonetheless simply learned is ranked number one. Here organically and there are 1 million 10,000 pages related to the keywords simply learned now when you comes to organic search.

We don’t want to get it confused with paid search so anytime you see paid search. You’re gonna see something that says add next to it okay so we can see that there are paid ads here but when it comes to organic search. Those are generally below paid ads and so that’s where Google counts the 1 million 10,000 results and so that’s the whole idea behind crawling and indexing.

Google is able to crawl simply learns website and based on all the pages that they gather they’re gonna make those pages available in organic search. So if you type in a keyword and your web page is not available for indexing then you’re never going to show up for that keyword.

So that’s why it’s important to make sure your website is available for crawling and indexing and so when a user types a query on search Google search the most relevant websites.

That are in Google’s index are going up here in the search results so in the example I gave we simply learn well is the brand name of the company simply learned. So there’s a lot of relevancy there so that’s why you see simply learn show up here organically number one like we mentioned.

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What is SEO and why SEO:

We talked about that user experience so there’s a lot of factors that go into ranking relevancy being one of them so in the simply learn. Example simply learn is relevant to a lot of the simply learn pages because that’s who they are simply learn.

However simply learn also needs to make sure that you know for their pages the page load time is fast meaning these pages load very fast. For the end-user and Google also takes into account other factors.

Like how long someone is staying on a website or are they bouncing meaning are they going to one page. That they land on and then leaving the website ok. So the user experiences very very important there are other factors also like language and location and so.

For example location if you do a search say in India the results are going to be a little bit different. Than say the results in the United States why because Google is indexing as many web pages as they can find.

So if somebody’s doing a search in India their results may be a little bit different than the results show up in the US because Google has different BOTS. These bots are crawling different pages at different times and so Google’s index is updating continuously.

But it’s not real-time syncing so if you do a search in India you may not see exactly the same thing because both search engines the Google and India and the Google in the US or may not be exactly synched up.

So an example would be you know if you’re looking for cafe so if you search a cafe and say San Francisco you’re gonna see different results. Now if you do a search for cafes at Mumbai you’re gonna see different results there’s gonna be local search here at the top.

There may be some paid search but again you may see different results because one location but to Google search engines in India and United States. Google.com aren’t exactly synched up exactly at the same exact time you do that search.

So location is important language and relevancy is important along with user experience so all those are important factors in how Google ranks websites okay so we’re going to talk.

About the types of SEO now so if we want to rank for a particular keyword on Google. We’re going to have to apply search engine optimization and so there’s two strategies to search engine optimization on-page SEO and off page SEO. So first we’re going to talk about.

On-page SEO:

So on-page SEO is nothing more than optimizing your own website and so when we say optimizing your own website. There’s certain elements on your website and on your web pages.

That we need to take into account and so some of those elements are headers meta descriptions title tags linking. So all of those elements are something we can control as an end user who wants to rank. Our webpage and our website on Google and before we do anything with our website the first thing we need to do is understand.

Keywords Research:

What keywords we want to rank for in order to understand what keywords we want to rank for we need to do keyword research. If you do anything in SEO keyword research is the most important activity.

That’s the most important thing you can do for SEO. Why do I say it’s the most important because you need to understand if you choose a keyword. That you want to rank for you need to understand how much traffic you’re gonna get from that keyword. If you’re ranked organically say number one.

On Google so how much traffic will you get if you’re ranked number one on Google. So you need to understand what the volume is and the number two we need to understand what the competition is for that keyword that you want to rank for.

So if you choose a keyword and there’s not much competition for it then chances are you can rank for that keyword for a webpage on your website quicker. Then say a keyword that has a lot of competition so we need to understand those two basic factors volume and competition before we choose a keyword.

It’s simply the practice of going through the motions of getting your volume and getting your competition data. So you can choose the keywords you want and then once you choose the keywords.

You want then you can go and apply on-page SEO you can change the title tag the meta descriptions the headers all those elements can be changed. But first you need to choose your keywords and so again the primary components.

We’re looking for how much traffic you can get or the search volume how much competition there is for that keyword and of course relevancy okay. You need to be able to choose a keyword that’s relevant to the webpage you’re trying to rank for.

So let me show you example of how to go through this so the first thing we want to do is we want to use a tool.

Google Keyword Planner:

I would recommend is Google Keyword planner then why do I choose Google Keyword planner and for trying to rank on google.com or Google search engine. We want to be able to get the data right from the source so Google’s going to be able to give us information.

About how much volume a keyword has and how much competition it has so let me show you an example so if I want to use Google’s keyword planner and I want to rank for the keyword.

How to become a digital marketing specialist then I’m gonna type that keyword into Google’s keyword planner and what Google is gonna do is they’re gonna give me some trends about how much volume this particular keyword gets over the course of a year and so for that particular keyword.

I can see that there are trends that appear for both desktop and mobile. So Mobile is important because people start their search process a lot of times on their mobile device.

So we want to be able to get data from mobile as well as desktop and so we can see a trend here. That for each particular month over the last 12 months. We can see how much volume this particular keyword how to become a digital marketing specialist.

Gets per month and so on average on average over the past twelve months. I can see how to become a digital marketing specialist is averages 30 searches. A month and this is on google.com and so Google gives us the volume but they also give us as the competition and so here.

I can see Google says for that particular keyword the competition is medium and so in the Google’s keyword planner. What they also do is give me other relevant keywords. That I might think about optimizing for because you don’t want to optimize for just one keyword.

So how to become a digital marketing specialist they’re gonna also offer up other types of keywords. That are relevant so just digital marketing specialist social media marketing specialist so for those keywords I can see the volume.

For example digital marketing specialist I can see the average volume is 1000 per month on average of the last 12 months. I can also see the competition is medium but for some other keywords.

I can see the search volume being high like digital marketing course at 2900 per month but also the competition is high button. So what I would recommend is a best practice is to collect.

All your relevant keywords okay and put all your relevant keywords in a spreadsheet and when you put all these relevant keywords in a spreadsheet.

You want to get the data on those keywords and the data I’m referring to is the volume and competition. So in this case we have volume from Google planner Google’s keyword planner and I have competition from Google’s keyword planner.

So if I go into a spreadsheet and I put all that information in here I’m gonna be able to see the volume and competition.So that’s important however one thing to note here is that Google’s keyword planner.

If we go back just gives us low medium and high and if I want to compare numbers to numbers maybe I want to be able to get exactly the competition number for the keyword.

How to become a digital marketing specialist what I can do is go into Google and I can type in that keyword. So if I type in the keyword how to become a digital marketing specialist.

I can see there’s 76 million results so I can see 76 million results 76 point one actually and for the keyword how to become a digital marketing specialist. Now that’s a whole lot of results for this particular keyword especially when the volume is only thirty per month.

On average and so what I want to do is get a more clear picture of the competition and so what you can actually do is type in the syntax all in title and then colon and then your keyword.

How to become a digital marketing specialist and when I do that I get a different result here I can see only 136 listings for how to become a digital marketing specialist but that’s not just 136 that’s 136 with that particular keyword that.

We want to rank for in the title tag, so the title tag is what you see when you type in a keyword or search query in Google search. The title tag is what you see at the top of every search result and so now I can see.

I typed in how to become a digital marketing specialists with the all in title syntax and now I can see every listing. Every one of these a hundred and thirty six results have that particular keyword in it.

So I can see every one of them how to become a digital marketing specialist and why is that important because now that tells me I only need to climb over one hundred and thirty six listings to rank for that.

Keyword how to become a digital marketing specialist and so the idea here is you want to get your volume from Google’s keyword planner. But you want to get your competition from Google search and again that’s simply typing in the syntax all in title and then your keyword.

In this example how to become a digital marketing specialist once you get those two numbers. You’re gonna plug them in to your spreadsheet and then once you do that for a number of different keyword queries and these keyword queries again have to be relevant once you do that then you can go in and pick the keywords.

You want to optimize for and that’s important because again if you’re not sure about a keyword then you want to do the keyword research. So you can be sure of how much traffic you can get and how much competition there is those are two important three important factors.

In starting the process for on-page SEO so SEM you want to create content for say a keyword like digital marketing. But digital marketing may seem a little bit broad.

So you want to probably stay away from broader keywords because broader keywords tend to have a lot of volume. Which is great but they may also tend to have a lot of competition but that’s the whole point of doing the keyword research maybe.

It doesn’t maybe there’s more volume than competition that’s what you need to find out. When you do the keyword research you need to find those keywords that are relevant to your content that have a lot of volume in the competition and then once we identify those keywords then we are free to go in and start optimizing our webpages.

For those keywords and the first place we want to start is the title tag so if you remember my example going care to our search. How to become a digital marketing specialist we saw that every one of these listings had that keyword.

In the title tag and the title tag is important because that’s what users who use Google search see first. When they type in a query and get results so they’re gonna see the title tag so the title tag is the most important element for on-page SEO.

Limitations of Title Tag and Meta Description:

It’s the most important factor is that’s what people see and so ideally when we choose our keyword. We want to make sure that keyword is in the title tag because that’s what shows up in Google search and that’s what makes that particular web page relevant for that keyword query.

So the idea behind a title tag it’s between 50 and 60 characters and so we want to make sure. We stay within that limit no more than 60 characters because what happens if it’s beyond that then Google will truncate the title tag.

So if I go back to my search you can see here on this particular title tag Google truncated.

What’s Google Truncated Means:

It meaning they added the ellipses after the title tag because it exceeded the 60 character limit.

So you want to stay within those character counts and so the title tag is the first place. You should start when optimizing your website because when we have the right keyword. In the title tag and somebody types in that keyword then chances are it’s going to be relevant.

They’re gonna see it and they’re going to click through to your website and that’s the whole idea behind ranking. We want to get clicks so that’s how the title tag appears.

So when you optimize it you’re going to update the title tag and this is how it shows up it’s going to show up at the top of your listing okay and it’s going to be bigger and bolder than anything else Google displays.

Second thing you want to optimize is the meta description and the meta description is simply just a brief description up to a hundred and fifty five. I would say about a hundred and fifty five to sixty hundred and sixty characters.

But probably no more than that and so the meta description is nothing more than a summary of the web page. Itself so if I go back to my Google search results. I see my title tag and I see the page that this particular listing belongs to and underneath that is where I can see my Meta Description so in this particular keyword query.

How to become a digital marketing specialist I see the Meta Description an ultimate guide on. How to build a career in digital marketing and the skills required to become a digital marketing specialist note that it’s a well-written.

Meta Description within a hundred and fifty-five characters and it includes the keyword digital marketing specialist. So we’re trying to rank for how to become a digital marketing specialist and here you can see become a digital marketing specialist.

There’s a lot of relevancy between not only the title tag in the keyword but the meta description in the key word. So when you’re optimizing a keyword and you want to start with the title tag. But you also want to update the meta description because if you don’t update the meta description and you leave the meta description blank.

Then you’re leaving it to Google to add in copy that they deem relevant and so for on-page SEO. We want to take control of the copy and we want to optimize it for the keywords.

We want to be found for so the Meta Description is a powerful tool at our disposal it gives us more characters to work with it gives us more to talk about so for that particular page.

If the title tag is only 60 characters maximum it’s not a lot of information to try and get somebody to click. So the meta description helps us and identifying what that page is about in order to get the click. So the to working in tandem will hopefully increase your click-through rates so when you’re found organically we want to get the click.

Third element that’s important is the URL

What’s The Important Role of URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource locator and why is the URL so important because that’s what people see so. If I go back to my search result how to become a digital marketing specialist.

You notice that the URL also includes how to become a digital marketing specialist article. So it’s very relevant the URL is very relevant one we can see it in the search results but to you it’s relevant to the keyword query and that’s important for the end-user and Google.

URL Structure Should Be clear:

Google wants to know hey is this the page that’s relevant to the users query and if it is then this user is likely gonna have a good excuse experience.

After they click on the listing so the URL is an element that helps not only with the click-through rate but with ranking and having a poor URL structure doesn’t help at all because not only does Google not recognize the URL as being relevant but the end user may not want to click on that page given the the way the URL looks so you want to try and avoid a poor your rough structure.

So the rule of thumb is this if you don’t understand what the URL is then Google is likely not going to understand what the URL is and so we want to try and keep our URL structures clean.

When I say clean ideally you want to make sure that whatever keywords you’re trying to optimize that’s the keyword that’s included in the URL. Nothing included that is not understandable so again going back to our example how to become a digital marketing specialist.

It’s very clean the title tag is the keyword the Meta Description is cleanly written has the keyword and then the URL is the other element that the end-user can see and that URL includes the keyword in it so after we’ve done. Those three elements the title tag the meta description and the URL then we want to start optimizing the page itself.

Ideally when we say optimize the page itself the page remember needs to be structured and when we say structure to need to be structured in terms of you know. Headers and sub headers and organized in a manner in which the end-user can read the article read the content clearly and concisely without being confused.

Heading Structure Seo:

That’s the job of headers they add they add basically an organizational structure to the content and with headers. There’s a hierarchy so you have anywhere from h1 which is the top of the hierarchy to an h6.

hierarchy of heading structure in seo
Hierarchy of Heading Structure in SEO

You’re free to use any one of those headers when building on a page in order to organize the content but ideally. You probably want to stick with an h1 or an h2 because those are at the top of the hierarchy and what those do is they actually stress to Google that hey this header with this particular keyword in it is important.

If you use an h6 with the keyword in it it’s telling Google hey this is an h6 but it’s not as important. So an h1 and an h2 tag show importance and so let’s look.

At an example of what that is so here you can see an h1 is going to be at the top of the hierarchy so that means it’s going to be bigger and bolder then you have an h2. Which is going to be bigger and bolder than an h3 but not as big and bold as an h2.

With headers not only you organizing the content accordingly but you’re also signaling to Google how important that particular header is and of course the header needs to include the keyword we’re trying to rank for.

Let’s take a look again at that example if we go to how to become a digital marketing specialist and I click on that page. You can look at the content there you can see that there are headers in here.

The headers are there to organize the content and that’s what we want to be able to organize the content. If you look at the other example I’m showing here how to become a digital marketing specialist learning paths explored. You can see that’s an h1 but below it’s a sub header the growing digital marketing job market so that’s an h2 and so we’re not stretching to Google that that’s a more important than an h1 but nonetheless we’re stressing to Google.

That it’s important nonetheless so we want to be able to use headers we want to be able to use keywords in our headers in order to stress to Google what’s important and also to organize the content because Google likes content organized.

Internal Linking for SEO:

Next element we want to focus on is internal linking and it’s basically links from one page on your website to another. Here we can see on this particular article how to become a digital marketing specialist.

There’s also links to other pages on simply learns website and so for this particular content. It also links to SEO specialist PPC specialist social Media marketing specialists and digital marketing specialists.

The whole idea behind internal linking is to link from one page to another. Where it’s relevant and in this case it’s relevant because we’re talking about how to become a digital marketing specialist.

That’s what the whole content is about and so what simply learn is doing here is offering up other pages on their website. That are relevant to becoming a digital marketing specialist and so this is a best practice when you’re optimizing a web page.

You want to be able to have internal linking on your site and the whole idea behind internal linking is it also allows users to navigate through the site naturally. When I say naturally they don’t always have to refer back to the top navigation thinking naturally and seamlessly go from one relevant article or page to another.

That’s the whole idea behind link building an internal link building it allows Google to identify you know pages. That they want to crawl and index because they’re linked to one another but it also helps the end user because it allows the end user to go from one page to another.

It’s signaling to Google hey this particular page is linked to this page so we’re going to also index that page. That’s the whole important part of internal linking it’s about the end user experience and it’s about allowing Google to find the pages on your website so they can crawl them and index them so you can be ranked for them and so also in addition to internal linking.

We want to be able to use natural language and what do I mean by natural language or natural language processing so what Google does is in terms of natural language processing. They’re looking for the content and the keyword it needs to be relevant. When your website is about digital marketing you don’t necessarily want to rank or try to rank for the keyword digital marketing one it’s too broad.

There might be some competition but three you’re probably not going to write something as broad like digital marketing. Ideally what you want to do is you wanted to use other relevant related keywords. That’s going to be more nach and so that’s what we mean a natural language processing we want to choose keywords.

How to Choose Keywords

That are more natural to the content you’re writing so instead of the keyword digital marketing maybe we want to talk about the types of digital marketing or digital marketing examples or what is a digital marketing strategy or how to become a digital marketing specialist so those are all relevant keywords to digital marketing and more relevant to the content because if you try to rank for the keyword digital marketing again it’s probably going to be a little bit broad probably more competition not as relevant to your content and as a result probably not a good user experience.

Why Keyword Research is important?

Think about some other keywords that you could optimize and rank for and that goes back to the keyword research that’s why the keyword research is so important because it allows us to identify other keywords and the natural language process.

What keywords are more relevant for the content and then another element to on-page SEO is the site map and so with a site map. It’s basically a list of all the pages on your website and the whole idea of listing all the pages on your website in one document is it helps both users and search engines understand the structure of your website.

They’re two types of sitemaps one is an HTML sitemap and that’s designed for humans. If you have a website with a lot of content at the footer or the bottom of your web page you probably want to have a link to sitemap. If somebody clicks on that side map they’re going to be able to see all the pages on your website structured in an organized manner well an XML sitemap.

An XML is just a different format it’s designed for crawlers and so the whole idea remember is Google likes to crawl content when they crawl content they bring it back to their servers and index it. We want to be able to create a sitemap for Google or other search engine crawlers and so XML is the format.

Let me show you example of how that looks. If I go to simply learn calm and simply type in say sitemap XML just as an example I’m gonna get this take your page in this particular page displays two XML sitemaps so these sitemaps are there for Google to go ahead and crawl and nothing more than a list of all the pages on your website.

This is a quick and easy way for Google to get a hold of all those pages so that they can index them and that’s the whole idea behind SEO. You want to be able to have Google index all the content you want to be found for the keywords you want to be found for so it all starts with the sitemap.

Let’s go from on-page SEO which in recap is basically optimizing certain elements on your website. That you are relevant for particular keyword and that man updating the title tag the Meta Description the URL.

The headers choosing the right keywords to put into the content having an internal linking and also updating the sitemap well those are elements. That you can do on your website so we’re gonna switch gears and talk about a different strategy off page SEO because without on page or off page you can’t have a page ranking so the two work together.

You can do as much as you want on on-page but you still need off page SEO and you could do all the off page SEO you want but you still need on-page so both of these strategies have to be in full effect in order for you to rank.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is simply the process of linking or promoting your website using link building and so if you remember. I talked about this earlier on there’s two types of Link’s internal and external linking and so for on-page SEO. We used internal linking for off page SEO we’re going to talk about external linking and external linking allows us to improve our website’s recognition or relevancy or credibility.

Why do we want to prove our relevance incredible ‘ti and trustworthiness and authority because we want Google to know that our web page is trustworthy it is recognized by other websites and it is relevant for a particular keyword.

We can do using off-page SEO methods think Google’s going to rank our webpage for the keyword. We want to be found for so it’s really off page SEO is synonymous with link building and there’s plenty of opportunities to do link building and just comes down to creating a strategy. Again some of the benefits to off page well we talked about you know being credible and trustworthiness and relevant.

We need to do that in order to rank but there’s some other benefits there so if we’re have a link on another credible website. Then it’s likely going to increase the traffic to our own website but also creates high domain Authority.

What I mean by high domain Authority is if we have basically links to other web pages pointing back to us then basically our domain Authority is going to improve. When our domain Authority improves other websites are going to want to link to us so the higher authoritative.

We are for our website then other web pages are going to want to link to us and so the more external linking we have the higher the domain Authority. It all starts with linking to other high domain Authority websites so linking to a high domain Authority website.

For example have any link on Wikipedia that points back to our web page creates high domain authority for us and it helps drive traffic. Some of the other benefits of off page SEO are in credibility. If we’re linking from Wikipedia to our web page it does create credibility for us it also helps us increase our page rank.

Remember that external linking helps build domain Authority helps build credibility trustworthiness and it’s going to in turn help us rank for that particular page. Then certainly not last having a good off page SEO link building strategy increases our brand awareness because if we’re on either high authority websites.

Wikipedia or say a social platform it’s going to increase our brand awareness and increase in our brand awareness increases our trustworthiness and so if somebody is looking to say become a digital marketing specialist. Then likely instead of typing in digital marketing specialist on Google they may type in our brand name in this case simply learn.

These are all the benefits to off page SEO. It’s nothing more than having links on other websites that are pointing back to ours and again there’s lots of benefits. It’s drives helps drive traffic and increases our authority so those are things that we want to take advantage of when we want to rank and the key behind off page SEO or link building is always going to be content so from an on-page SEO.

Quality Content in SEO

Perspective having quality content allows that content to be optimized for relevant keyword and ranked but also from an off page SEO strategy having high quality content allows us to have other sites. It doesn’t necessarily form or can be another blogging platform or blogging website link back to ours why because the content is original.

It’s natural it’s well structured and reads well and so that’s the whole idea behind off page you can’t have links on other websites. If you don’t have quality content so one of the ideas behind off page SEO is not only do you want to create good content but you probably want to spend a lot of time or a bit of time on others websites.

Remember the example I used earlier in this blog about having an ice cream blog and ice cream recipes well it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to say spend some time on other blogs related to desserts related to cakes related to food in general related to vegetables or other items that people could link from. The whole idea is understanding who else is out there who has relevant content that you could share so you could share your content with them they can share their content with you and generally that’s how it works naturally anyway in the web sphere if somebody likes your content they’re gonna link to it.

They don’t necessarily have to wait for you to ask them but it might not be a bad idea to understand who else is out there. That has content some what are yours so that you can know get a link that particular website or blog post and so some other ideas behind.

Having external links pointing back to your website is social media so social media is not just Facebook or Twitter but it expands beyond that there’s core there’s media there’s all sorts of content generated. Websites like Reddit so the list goes on and on you just need to find what’s relevant for your content.

If it’s relevant for your content then it’s worth putting or trying to get the external link on that social media platform and then again going back to my icecream blog recipes blog post yeah. You find a particular blog that you want to have an external link on there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to that particular blogger.

You know in some cases very flattering but in other cases if the content is relevant then why not it’s only going to help your end user experience. If you add somebody who has up say a blog about cakes having their link on your blog post so there’s nothing wrong with it because it also adds to the user experience and if you’re gonna ask somebody to put an external link on theirs you might want to be open-minded and make sure that your are able and willing to put an external link on your blog post or website pointing to their content that’s how the web works especially.

If the contents of quality relevant and of good nature ok. Let’s move on and finish up with the do’s and don’ts of SEO. We talked a lot about why SEO what is SEO you know how do we rank for SEO you know what is on-page SEO what is off page SEO. Let’s just wrap up with some of the things you again want to do to rank your page for particular keyword and some of the things you don’t want to do so.

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO Techniques:

The first thing on the list is optimize for white hat techniques and what I mean for opting in for white hat techniques is basically everything. I just mentioned today you want to do keyword research you want to choose a natural language processing form format.


You can choose keywords that are going to be relevant natural to the content and you don’t want to opt for black hat techniques are probably not even worth going into detail. But one example is choosing a keyword arbitrarily likes a digital marketing and just stuffing that keyword into the content. That’s probably not something you want to do because again it’s not gonna be good for the end-user so stay away from blackhat and focus on some of the techniques.

We talked about in today’s blog the other do we want to do is get backlinks from relevant sites so that’s off page SEO again. What I mentioned earlier it’s about linking your quality content to another person’s website. That also has quality content.


We don’t want to have a backlink from an irrelevant site why because it’s not gonna be relevant and it’s also gonna hurt our Authority because if it’s on a site that’s not of good quality then Google’s gonna look at us and say well this site is linking to your site but it’s not relevant so therefore you know we’re not going to look at you.

In the same way as if you were on a quality website we do want to use our keywords naturally because title tags are what people see first on organic search but you don’t want to use the same title tag on every page of your website.

We want to stay away from doing that so you want to have a unique title tag for every web page on your website. Ideally what does that mean that means using our keyword research to choose one or two keywords per page and optimizing your webpage for those one to two keywords.

You ideally what you want to do is have one to two different keywords for every page on your website we definitely want to write engaging content so the content should be engaging remember. User experience we want users to stay on our website we want them to enjoy the content that they’re reading. We want them to go from one page to another naturally we definitely don’t want to leverage or plagiarize or just copy content from others websites because it’s not one probably going to be relevant to what you’re writing about.

Its duplicate content and it’s somebody else’s so that’s a black hat technique we want to stay away from. I can’t emphasize this enough we need to do keyword research first before you do anything else you need to find relevant keywords and not only that you need to understand.

Choose The Right Keywords (In 2019)

The volume and the competition for each of those keywords okay you don’t want to choose a keyword that has low volume high competition. You want to choose a keyword that has high volume low competition but above all you want to choose keywords that are relevant to your content.

Avoid keyword stuffing so don’t take a keyword and just stuff it everywhere on the page it’s not going to be natural and Google’s gonna be able to pick up on that so we want to maintain some level of quality with our content and quality with the keywords that we choose. Reminder when you have quality content it’s always going to link internally to another page on your website with quality content but it’s got to be natural and don’t just build site-wide backlinks meaning don’t just have an internal link to the homepage or don’t have every page on your website linking to just one page so internal linking should be natural linking from one page to another.

Not only does it help Google understand and crawl all the web pages on your website. But it’s good for the end user it’s good user experience and certainly last but something I didn’t talk about does take time to rank your content. Remember the process you’re going to write your content you’re going to choose keywords you’re going to change the elements on that page for those keywords.

All the while you’re gonna make sure Google can crawl that content and when they crawl it they’re going to index it the process takes time especially. If you choose a keyword that’s competitive so just be patient.

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Make Website User friendly and mobile friendly

If you have quality content and you’ve optimized for on-page SEO and off page SEO then you will rank for that keyword and then make sure your website’s user-friendly and mobile-friendly. When we talked about responsive content earlier so remember most users today start the process of search on mobile so we want to make sure your website’s are friendly.

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SEO Checklist 2019: Get More Organic Traffic (Step-by-Step)

SEO checklist that’s helped us grow organic traffic to our blog from 50,000 monthly search visits to over 150,000. Stay tuned. What’s up SEOs? As I’m very sure you people know, there are numerous categories in SEO.

 SEO Checklist 2019: Get More Organic Traffic

You know keyword research to on page SEO, technical SEO, link building, and more. So rather than trying to tackle all of them at once, this SEO checklist is going to help you stay organized, optimized, and sane.

Let’s jump into the first category of our SEO checklist and that’s the basic setup:

What is Sitemaps in SEO?

A Sitemaps play important role in search engine optimization it’s a file placed on your website where you list the individual pages of your website.

xml sitemap of website

Search engine use sitemap to find important content on your site, so they can easily crawl and index your pages.

The first thing you should do is create a sitemap. Here’s what the sitemap for our blog looks like, which was created automatically with the Yoast SEO plugin.

Now, if you don’t use WordPress, or prefer not to use Yoast, there are tons of free sitemap generators you can find from all over the web.

The next thing to check for is a robots.txt file. A robots.txt file is important because it gives instructions to search engines on where they can and cannot go on your site.

For example, you may not want them to crawl certain pages or directories like a cart for an ecommerce store, or RSS feeds. So you’d add that to your robots.txt file.

If you’re unsure if you have a robots.txt file, just go to your domain.com/robots.txt. If you see a plain text file like this, then you’re good to go. If you see anything else, then Google, “robots.txt generator,” and create one.

The last couple of things you should do is setup Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Google Analytics can give you insightful data on how your visitors interact with your website.

For example, analyzing bounce rates and time on page can give you an idea of user experience and engagement. Google Search Console on the other hand is a must-have tool for all webmasters. You can track your performance in search and see the keywords that you’re ranking for.

The next thing on our checklist, which is keyword research:

While there are a lot of ways to approach keyword research, there are certain fundamentals that I think every page should follow. The first thing to find a primary keyword target for your page. While creating a blog always there a primary keyword.

 Ahrefs' Keywords Explorer

Just look at any of our titles, and you can tell right away which keywords we’re targeting. Long Tail Keywords: The ‘Secret’ to Getting Tons of Search Traffic YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos From Start to Finish To find the “right” primary keyword, you’ll need a keyword research tool.

For example, by searching for “SEO tips” in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, you’ll see things like Keyword difficulty score, Search volume, as well as various SEO metrics on the top 10 ranking pages for the keyword.

Now, the second thing you’ll want to do is assess search intent. Search intent basically means the reason behind the searcher’s query. And Google is really good at helping you do this.

Just search for the primary keyword phrase you want to rank for. Then look at the top ranking results. To assess search intent, you’ll want to look at the types of pages that are ranking and the format they’re using.

As you can see on google, the types of pages that are ranking for the keyword, “SEO checklist,” are blog posts. As for format, they mostly seem like a hybrid between list posts and tutorials, which you can infer by the titles.

Now, if you were to create a product page selling an SEO checklist, then you probably won’t rank because you won’t be matching search intent.

Once you have search intent down, you’ll want to look at related queries to your topic. The first place you can look is Google’s autocomplete.

Just type your primary keyword in Google’s search bar and take note of other relevant search queries.

Two other places to look are in the “people also ask” box in the search results as well as the related searches at the bottom of the page.

In this case, queries and questions related to the side effects of apple cider vinegar show up in both places, so this is definitely something we would want to include in our post.

To find even more related queries and questions people are asking, you can check the Search suggestions and Questions report in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

You’ll find over 28,000 keyword ideas along with keyword metrics like Keyword difficulty, search volume, and more.

If you’ve done all of these checkpoints, then you should have a strong idea of what your content should be about and the questions you should address throughout your post.

Next up is to find relevant keywords and subtopics for your post. In our study of 3 million searches, we found that on average, the top ranking page also ranks for nearly 1,000 other relevant keywords in the top 10.

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One of the main ingredients to ranking high for numerous keywords are links. But an equally important part is content. Fortunately, you can find subtopics to cover by looking at the keywords that the top ranking pages are already ranking for, then make sure you cover those points on your page.

To do this, go to Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and enter your primary keyword target. Now, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see the top 10 ranking pages.

The main column you want to look at here is keywords. This one seems to be getting a lot of search traffic, they rank for a ton of keywords, and the page is relevant to the one I’m creating.

Let’s click on the Organic Keywords column to see which keywords they rank for. To keep things super-relevant, let’s set a position filter to only show keywords that rank in positions 1 through 5.

Some interesting subtopics to cover here might be the benefits of apple cider vinegar. We might want to talk about organic vs. non-organic products. And something even more fascinating to me is this part on Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, which is a branded product.

Then there’s an attribute here, “with mother,” which is a health term often used with apple cider vinegar that I would have otherwise never thought of on my own.

Sprinkle some of these terms into your content, use other parts as subtopics and do your best to cover the topic using data. The last thing on the keyword research and analysis side is to assess your chances of ranking in Google.

In order to understand your chances of ranking, you need SEO metrics of the top-ranking pages. Otherwise, you’ll just be guessing.

As a very general estimate, you can use the Keyword difficulty scores in Keywords Explorer to get a very rough sense of that, but I wouldn’t recommend relying on it alone.

Instead, I suggest watching our full tutorial on assessing ranking difficulty, which will show you how to estimate what it takes to rank on Google for any keyword.

The next section which is all about “on page SEO”:

Alwyas try to use Short descriptive URLs. We studied 2 million keywords and found that pages with shorter URLs rank better than those with longer URLs. Now, while there’s a clear correlation, it doesn’t mean causation.

Always remember that use your primary keyword as a URL. For example, a blog post on 75 actionable SEO tips, could be domain.com/seo-tips/. It’s short, and anyone can tell from the URL what the topic is on.

Next, ensure you have a compelling title tag and meta description. Old SEO advice will tell you to include your target keyword in your title and meta description.

But our data shows that exact-match keywords in the title and description do not correlate with ranking position. So should you use your keyword in your title and description? The answer is it depends.

The most important thing about the title is that it entices a click. After-all, clicks translate into traffic. But if you find that you’re stuffing the keyword for the sake of inclusion, then I wouldn’t worry too much about it. The next thing you should do is add relevant internal and external resources.

In the same on-page SEO correlation study, we found web pages that link out to high-DR external resources rank higher than those that don’t. On the other hand you have to add internal link from relevant pages to your new pages.

A quick way to find these pages is to go to Google and search for something like site:yourdomain.com and then add a keyword related to your topic. You’ll then see all posts from your domain that include your keyword. Just visit these pages, and add internal links to relevant anchors texts.

A nice little bonus tip would be to pair the search results with Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar. Look at the URL rating to identify relevant pages that will likely have the greatest impact on your new post.

In general, the higher the number, the more “authoritative” the page. When you do this properly, you can pass link equity to your new page and possibly increase the speed that Google discovers your page. And that about does it for the on-page SEO checklist section.

The next section, which is all about “Content”:

Choosing a topic with high search traffic potential and doing some basic on-page SEO is important. But all of your efforts will be in vain if your content isn’t up to par. Here are a few things you can add to your to-do list when creating your content.

The first thing is to write an engaging introduction. The purpose of the intro is to let your readers know they’re in the right place and that your page will solve the reason for them being there.

Fail to do so and your readers will be gone fast. Start with something that resonates with the reader, build trust or credibility, and promise a solution to the user’s problem. Second, focus on readability.

Let’s talk about readability in two categories. The first is visual comprehension. When a reader lands on your page the first thing they’re going to process is how your page looks. And if they land on a big wall of text in 10pt font, they’ll likely get overwhelmed and leave.

Instead, break your content into pieces by writing in short sentences and short paragraphs. Other visual assets you can add are images to separate paragraphs.

But don’t just throw in stock photos for the sake of faking visual appeal. Put some effort into creating or finding images that will enhance the reader’s experience.

For example, on the Ahrefs blog, we often use graphs, charts, or screenshots that help illustrate a point or lighten the read. These tips will help increase your chances of turning visitors into readers. Now, the other category in readability is reading comprehension.

According to a study, 50% of the US population reads below an 8th-grader level. Which means that if you’re writing at a higher level, you’re alienating half the population as well as non-native speakers. There’s a free tool called Hemingway Editor. Just paste your content in there and it’ll give you a readability score.

If you’re the type to write academically and struggle to lower your readability score, a great tip you can use is to write as you speak. The last part of the content checklist is to ensure your content solves the reason for the searcher’s query.

Great content is content that solve a user’s problem. For example, if you have a post on productivity tips, try and go beyond things like “sleep less,” and “hustle.” Someone searching for productivity tips probably wants practical and actionable information they can try right away.

They want to know how they can measure whether their productivity levels are increasing. But there are a couple of other link building strategies that work more effectively if you do the prospecting beforehand.

And these are the Skyscraper Technique and Broken Link Building. Prospecting before you create content guarantees you’ll have a list of people to promote your new piece to.

Here’s your final link building checklist you should go through.

Let’s move on to “Technical SEO”:

At this point, you should have a solid SEO checklist you can rinse and repeat for each new page you create. But as you create more pages, there’ll likely be technical SEO issues that go unnoticed.

So I want to focus more on the domain level here to find and fix these issues. You can find these issues by running a crawl with a tool like Ahrefs’ Site Audit. The tool will then crawl your pages and search for over 100 predefined technical SEO issues.

After the crawl has completed, you’ll see a list of issues we found on your site. Now, Site Audit is great for finding the issues on autopilot, but you’re still going to have to fix them.

Let’s go through a few important ones you should fix. First is page speed. Slow-loading pages are annoying for the user experience. Google also mentioned that page speed is a ranking factor.

If your content solves their original problem and answers the questions that might come to mind as they’re reading, then you probably have some decent content. And if it doesn’t, you might need to re-hit the drawing board.

The next section which is all about “Link Building”:

When it comes to white hat link building, you’ll have to pony up and do some email outreach. Now, outreach isn’t about begging for links. In the words of the late Eric Ward: “Links aren’t things.

white hat link building

A link represents something somebody finds valuable. A link represents something someone wants to share. A link represents the human manifestation of a desire to let someone else know about something useful.”

And there are a few strategies you can use to promote your valuable, shareworthy, and useful content. Now, I’ll be focusing mostly on the prospecting part because we have a ton of step-by-step link building tutorials that I’ll leave links to in the description.

The first thing you can do is look at who’s linking to the top-ranking pages for your target keyword. These will likely be the most relevant link prospects seeing as they’ve already linked to a competing article on the same topic. The easiest way to find these people is to go to Ahrefs Keywords Explorer and enter your primary keyword.

Next, scroll to the bottom of the page where you’ll see the top 10 ranking pages along with their SEO metrics. The parts we want to pay attention to are the backlinks and referring domains columns.

If there are a decent number of referring domains, meaning, unique websites linking to the page, then click on the number in the backlinks column to find out who’s linking to them.

You can now skim through the Backlinks report and look for relevant prospects. After you’ve depleted your list, expand your list of prospects using Content Explorer. Content Explorer always had a database of over a billion pages along with their social and SEO metrics.

You can start by entering your primary keyword. And I’ll also set the search type to a title search since a lot of people include their primary keyword in the title.

Next, I’ll set a Referring domains filter to only show pages that have at least 20 links from unique websites. Now, skim through the pages and if anything pops out to you, click on the referring domains number to see if the websites linking to the page are worth investigating further.

If they are, then you can click on the caret here, open the backlinks report, and add relevant prospects to your outreach list. The final link building tactic that works well is guest posting.

Now, these three techniques are great to use for new and existing content.

You can use tools like Pingdom, GtMetrix or Google Pagespeed Insights, to measure the speed of a single page. So let’s go back to Site Audit, and click on the slow-loading pages issue.

Next, I’ll copy one of the URLs from our list and put it into Pagespeed insights. And as you scroll through the list,

You’ll get suggestions on what to fix, and the time savings you can get by fixing it. Next, we want to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Google has a “mobile-friendly test” tool you can use.

mobile-friendly test

Just enter the URL you want to investigate and they’ll tell you whether your page is mobile friendly. Next, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t have any external or internal broken links.

If someone clicks on a link and ends up on a broken page, then that’s bad user experience. On top of that, you’ll want to fix these because linking to broken pages is a waste of “link equity.”

If you’re linking to any broken pages, then you’ll be able to find that in Ahrefs’ Site Audit tool under page has links to broken page.

Just click on the number of affected URLs, and you’ll see a list of pages that are linking to broken pages, as well as the broken pages that are being linked to.

Since every site will have different technical SEO issues, I recommend using a tool to help you identify these issues and then tackle them one by one.

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The final technical SEO checklist, So keep grinding away, start adding some satisfying checkmarks to your checklist and I’ll see you in the next tutorial.

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ Dolby Poster Has Arrived

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker it’s also known as IX episode of Star Wars. This will be third installment of the Star Wars sequel. If you remember the last conflict between the Jedi and Sith.

So, The Rise of Skywalker this series is also called as a final chapter which started with the skywalker saga which began in 1977’s A new hope and The Force Awakens in 2015.

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On Twitter Account Star Wars released a new poster for Dolby Cinemas.

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' poster download

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer:

The trailer first debuted on 12 April 2019 at Star Wars Celebration in Chicago.

Star cast of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’

Cast : Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Lupita Nyong’o, Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Marie Tran, Joonas Suotamo, Billie Lourd, Keri Russell, Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams and Carrie Fisher, with Naomi Ackie and Richard E. Grant.

Director & Writer: J.J. Abrams

Music director: John Williams

Screenplay: J.J. Abrams, Chris Terrio

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Releasing Date of Star Wars: 20 December 2019

In last few years this franchise always dominate the holiday season like The last jedi, The Force Awakens and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story maked good money on Christmas period.


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Google Buys Fitbit For $2.1 Billion

Google recently acquired one of the pioneers in the wearable market, Fitbit, for $2.1 billion. This raises issues numerous issues regarding personal data, anti-competition, and the state of wearable health startups.


It’s means that now US tech giant Google also entering in wearable device competitive with Samsung and Apple.

“We have designed a trustworthy brand around the globe we have 28 Million satisfy users who rely on our products to live a active and healthier life” said James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit.

Why Google purchased Fitbit?

As we knows about Google that they make software for other wearable manufacturers but like Apple Samsung Google dosen’t sell a device of its own. Now this deal while buying Fibit it will be a profitable invest.

Google in Fitness tracking business

After buying Fitbit around $2.1 Billion now google also entered in fitness tracking business like Apple and Samsung. So, you can say that now Google is ready for direct competition with Apple and Samsung.

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But there is one important thing that is our privacy (fitness-data) secure or not.

Privacy still is an issue

If we talk about anything our first priority is our data privacy how much we are secure or if am buying any product we believe that our data is secure but nowadays after Facebook data scandal it’s hard to believe anyone. On the other hand Google’s took pledge it wont share health data for ads they said Fitbit data secure promise will be continuing.

Example: Like you are using a smart wearable devices and they have a GPS in it while you enable you are walking or moving anywhere you stop at any theater house then it can display a ads of nearly theater houses.

Fitbit’s next steps

As we know about Fitbit always update there devices so they are expanding there partnerships with most of the health companies. Companies held some policies that who will share there data thay they will give free fitbit to participants.

If we talk about last year Fitbit hold 4th position in global shipments of digital watches according to research firm IDC.

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Chinese company Xiaomi hold 1st position, Apple hold 2nd, again Chinese company Huawei hold 3rd, Fitbit hold 4th and Samsung come last 5th position.

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How to reset AirPods and AirPods Pro

Once you work out how to do it, it’s dead-simple to reset your Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro. It’s thus easy, in fact, that Apple doesn’t even tell you the way to try to to it – they only assume that you’ll be ready to figure it out on your own.

In a sentence, all you wish to try to to is hold down the button on the rear of the AirPod Charging Case till the light turns amber.

But, if you’ve already tried that and it hasn’t worked, we’ve got an entire in small stages guide below to urge those AirPods reset for that fresh out of the box feeling.

Step 1 : First you have to be sure that AirPod and AirPods must be charged.

While you are trying to reset your AirPods by holding the button on the back and you don’t see a light flashing on the inside of the case, then it’ll be dead. You’ve to put in charge and left for 15 minutes that they are sufficent charged for the repair.

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Step 2: Open AirPods case press and hold the small button on the back of the case

After the first step complete then you’ve to just press the small button on the back of the AirPods Charging Case is the key to resetting the AirPods. Just hold and wait for 15 seconds after that you will see a white LED light will change in amber. So there’s no reason to be worried.

Step 3: Near Apple device pair it just holding them close together or you can pair via Bluetooth

After the AirPods reset now it’s time to sync them with a new iOS device. While performing this task you all need to do just hold both devices closer for connection.

[Note: If you are using an Android device then you have to follow a few steps to connect AirPods :

  • Settings > Connections > Bluetooth, after following the same process to do.]

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Samsung Galaxy S11 series may launch with 108MP camera in February

Talking about the leaked reports from Samsung Galaxy S11 in the last few days, this smartphone can be introduced in the Mobile World Congress to be held in February.

 A few leaks were revealed about Samsung’s next flagship smartphone Galaxy S11 series in the past. Now, this smartphone series is likely to be launched in February next year.

Samsung Galaxy S11 series may launch with 108MP

Talking about leaks reports in the last few days, this smartphone can be introduced in the Mobile World Congress to be held in February. However, no official information has been received from the company yet.

It has also been reported that this smartphone can be launched with a 108 megapixel super zoom camera. Apart from this, a stable telephoto camera can also be given in it.

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In this series, three smartphones Samsung Galaxy S11, Samsung Galaxy S11 + and Samsung Galaxy S11e can be launched. These three smartphones can be offered with OneU1 2.0.

Also, a Super AMOLED Curved Display can be used in it. Like the smartphones launched this year of the Samsung Galaxy S series, it can also be offered in the premium range. The 6.9-inch display can be given in the top model of Samsung Galaxy S11 + series.

While Samsung Galaxy S11 has a 6.7-inch display, the Samsung Galaxy S11e can offer a 6.4-inch display.

These three smartphones can be launched in 5G and LTE variants. In countries where 5G service has not been started, only its LTE variants will be launched.

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Samsung is about to launch another fold-able smartphone after Galaxy Fold (review) on 19 November this month. Samsung Galaxy W20 5G smartphone will be launched in China. Apart from this, the company can also launch another affordable 5G smartphone Samsung Galaxy A71 5G soon.


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शराब और नशीली दवाओं के दुरुपयोग और समाज पर इसके प्रभाव

नसा एक घातक बीमारी है या यों कहिये नसा एक आदत है ये आदत बुरी भी हो सकती है और अच्छी भी, अच्छी आदत जैसे किसी को पड़ने का नसा है , किसी को खेलने का नसा है , किसी को सिंगर बनना है, किसी को प्लांटेशन का शौक है ,कोई दोसरो की हेल्प करना चाहता है वही दूसरी ओर बुरी आदत जैसे गुटका, तम्बाकू ,सिगरेट, शराब का नशा करने वाले सोयम तो परेशान रहते है साथ में उनके परिवार वाले और आस पास समाज के लोग भी परेशान रहते है इसका नुकसान इस हद तक होता है की इसे करने वाले तो बर्बाद होते है साथ में जो इनके आस पास रहते है वाे भी दुखी और हतास रहते है

माँ बाप अपने बच्चो को सफलता की ऊंचाइयों को छूते हुए देकना चाहते है वे अपने बच्चो के लिए सोयम कस्ट में रहकर उनके बेहतर जीवन के लिए अपने कठिन परिश्रम से कमाई की हुए पैसो को अपने बच्चो के जरुरत के लिए खुद की इच्छाओ को दबा देते है और बदले में हम क्या देते है हतासा , निराशा, हाई ब्लड प्रेसर , हार्ट अटैक ,बीमारी,चिंता तो आप ही बताएं क्या यह सही है।

क्या हमारा जीवन इसी लिए है। क्या हम अपने जीवन को सार्थक क्या हम ऐसे ही अपना जीवन जियेंगे , अगर नहीं तो आईये इस समस्या के समाधान के ओर जैसे जब हमें शराब पिने का मन करे तो हम अपने संसाधन के अनुसार सरबत , नीबू पानी पी सकते है। अरे कुछ नहीं तो थोड़े से पानी में नमक और चीनी मिलाकर पि सकते हैं’

इससे हमारी सेहत तो सुधरेगी ही साथ ही हमारे माता पिता और दूसरे घर वाले भी खुश रहेंगे। तम्बाकू , गुटका और सिगरेट का सेवन करने से मुँह का कैंसर, फेफड़ा में खराबी

WhatsApp makes online shopping easier

WhatsApp introduced a new feature on its Business application that makes it easier for the purchasers of those businesses to shop for their merchandise.

WhatsApp makes online shopping easier

The moment electronic communication app has launched a new feature referred to as catalogs within the Business app that’s accessible to businesses victimization the WhatsApp Business app in Asian country, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, the united kingdom and therefore the North American country. WhatsApp makes online shopping easier

The catalog feature for WhatsApp Business is already accessible in seven countries and is predicted to roll get in alternative regions shortly.

This new feature is available for both Android and iOS users “Catalogs are a mobile front for businesses to showcase and share their merchandise therefore folks will simply browse and find out one thing they might wish to get.

Previously businesses had to send product photos one at a time and repeatedly give data — currently customers will see their full catalog right inside WhatsApp” said WhatsApp in a blog post.

As a part of the catalogs, businesses will add information of merchandise like pictures, name, price, description and link. By having the ability to supply all such data on WhatsApp eliminates the requirement to travel to the business’ web site and directly place the order through the Facebook-owned app.WhatsApp makes online shopping easier

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Here could be a scrutinize however businesses will produce their Catalogs on WhatsApp:

In a statement to Reuters Amrit Pal, a product manager at WhatsApp aforesaid, “We’re gap commerce as a replacement chapter. we tend to hear from businesses daily that WhatsApp is wherever they meet their customers, instead of causing them to a web site.”

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To recall, the WhatsApp Business app was launched in 2018, giving business homeowners a platform to speak with their potential customers. On this app, businesses will add their official bio, email, address and a contact variety.

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Panipat trailer out : Arjun Kapoor stands strong as Sadashiv Bhau, Sanjay Dutt’s Ahmed Shah Abdali reminds of Ranveer Singh’s Khilji

This movie is Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker trailer came out on Tuesday. This will be 9th directonal, starcast as Arjun Kapoor,Sanjay Dutt and Kriti Sanon. The title based on Thrid Battle of Panipat, fought in 1761.

Who Plays which part?

In Panipat movie Arjun play a role of Sadashivrao Bhau, who was a sardar senapati of Maratha forces, on the other hand Kriti Sanon play his wife role Parvati Bai. Sanjay Dutt playing a role of Ahmad Shah Abdali who is founder of Durrani empire. In trailer you can see Maratha not just standing against Ahmad Shah Abdali beside it Parvati also jump with her sword in battlefield. Trailer looks quite convincing and it’s a style of Ashutosh’s film-making.

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Panipat movies also stars Padmini Kolhapure, Zeenat Aman and Mohnish Bahl. Ashutosh Gowariker shared a poster of the film and captioned it “Biggest Battles Have Greatest Stories!

Akshay Kumar appreciate the trailer and star-cast also for there unbelievable performances. He tweeted on his twitter mentioned below:

Vicky Kaushal also cheered for Arjun on Instagram. “Rao Bhau Aale!!!” he wrote.

Must Watch

Third Battle of Panipat

This Battle was fought between the northern force of the Maratha Empire and invading force of Ahmad Shah Abdali the king of Afghanistan, which was supported by two Indian allies – Shuja-ud-Daula and the Rohilla Afghans.

Panipat Movie Release Date : 06 December 2019

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Panipat Movie Poster: Sanjay Dutt’s warrior look in ‘Panipat’ poster

Panipat Sanjay Dutt Look The second poster of Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Kapoor’s film ‘Panipat’ has been released. In the poster, Sanjay Dutt is seen in a warrior look.

Sanjay Dutt’s warrior look in Panipat poster

The second poster of Sanjay Dutt and Arjun Kapoor’s film Panipat has been released. Baba has shared the poster on his social media account i.e. Twitter and Instagram. You can download panipat movie poster

In this poster, Sanjay Dutt is seen in a warrior look, which looks quite powerful. In the film, Sanjay Dutt will play the character of Sultan of Afghanistan named Ahmed Shah Abdali. Along with the poster, Sanjay Dutt has also informed that the trailer of the film will be released tomorrow (Tuesday).

His daughter Trishala Dutt has commented and praised Sanjay Dutt’s poster. Commenting on the poster, Trishala wrote, “Love you … You look awesome.”

Let us tell you that apart from Sanjay and Arjun, Kriti Senan and Zeenat Aman also be in the lead role in this film. This is the second poster of the film. In the poster released earlier, war was seen happening.

What is the story of the film:

The story of this film is based on the third battle of Panipat, which took place on 14 January 1761 in Panipat between the Marathas and Sultan Ahmad Shah Abdali of Afghanistan.

The film stars Arjun as Sadashiv Rao Bhau, nephew of Peshwa Bajirao I and commander-in-chief of the Maratha army. At the same time, Sanjay Dutt will be seen in the role of Afghan Sultan.

Kriti Sanon will be seen in the role of Parvati Bai, the second wife of Sadashiv Rao. Zeenat Aman is played by Sakina Bai. The film will be released on 6 December this year.


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Google Chrome Using too Much Memory

How to scale back Google Chrome’s RAM Usage

There are many ways that you’ll speed up your browsing expertise and scale back the quantity of memory Chrome is victimization. the foremost necessary tool at your disposal is that the Chrome Task Manager.

Similar to the Windows Task Manager, the Chrome Task Manager shows the performance and consumption of every tab and extension inside the browser. you’ll use the Chrome Task Manager to work out what’s victimization the foremost memory, then shut them to unencumber house.

In Windows, simply hit Shift + Esc to access the Task Manager; on a raincoat, you’ll have to be compelled to open it from the Window menu. choose the method, then hit finish method.

Look out for tabs and extensions that have ballooned in size. generally one Chrome tab will use several memory because of a bug or poor configuration. generally a Chrome memory leak can cause your browser to freeze (or even your whole system). Once you’ve killed off the resource-heavy processes, there are another stuff you will do.

Use Chrome Flags to Manage RAM:

Chrome features a bunch of secret, usually experimental options, called “Flags.” one among-st those flags allows tab discarding. Tab discarding mechanically discards background tabs from your system memory once it’s low. The tabs stay in suit, however won’t load or show content till you click on them.

Chrome’s Flags menu may be a great spot to search out cool experimental options.

Input chrome://flags in your address bar, then look for “automatic tab discarding.” Switch the Flag to Enabled.

Another flag that works well with Automatic Tab Discarding is that the “Show Saved Copy Button.” The Show Saved Copy Button can seem when the browser discards a tab, asking if you would like to reload a recent version of the page from the browser cache.

Chrome using too much of Memory [FIXED]

Your Google Chrome browser is using too much memory? or chrome using too much memory in android so this is a frustrating issue but you are not the first person to experience. Lots of thing to get rid off…

Try these fixes

You may not need to attempt them all; simply work your approach down the list till you discover the one that works for you.

  • Check your tab memory usage
  • Disable your Chrome extensions

Fix 1: Check your tab memory usage

It’s potential that you’ve opened too several tabs on Chrome or some tabs are intake up your memory. you must check the memory usage of your tab. To do so:

  • On your Chrome browser, press the Shift and Esc keys on your keyboard at a similar time.
  • Check the Memory footprint for the memory usage of the tabs.
Read more Chrome Keyboard shortcut for windows

If you would like to shut a tab (if you think that it’s victimization an excessive amount of memory), click it and click on finish method.

Now check the memory usage of Chrome and see if this mounted your issue. Hopefully it did. But if not, you will want to

Fix 2: Check your Chrome extensions

Perhaps it’s your Chrome extensions that ar inflicting your browser to use an excessive amount of memory. to see your Chrome extensions:

Copy the subsequent address and paste it to the address bar of your Chrome browser, then press Enter:


Disable the smallest amount wished extension (by clicking the switch within the lower-right corner), then see if this lowers your Chrome memory usage.

Click this switch to show on/off the extension. Repeat step two till your Chrome memory issue is mounted.

Hopefully one among-st the fixes higher than worked for you. If you’ve got any queries or suggestions, you’re over welcome to depart US a comment below.

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PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 updated roll out, added new Halloween Survive Till Dawn mode

Players can download the new update of PUBG Mobile Lite from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Along with the new updates, players will get to see many new features in the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 update has been rolled out. This new update has added many new features as well as Halloween Survive Till Dawn mode.

Players can download the new update of PUBG Mobile Lite from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Along with the new updates, players will get to see many new features in the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 has also released a number of in-game bug fixes along with new in-game modes. Not only this, game loading times have been improved and new video rewards system has also been added.

With the update of 0.14.6, the mode that players waited for a long time will be played in Halloween Survive Till Dawn mode. This mode has recently been rolled out with the latest 0.15 update of the main version.

The special feature of this new mode is that players can serve for three days and two nights with their teammates.

During the day, players can collect items such as supplies such as Flamethrowers and the new M134 Minigan. Players playing this mode must unlock the new Achievement by flipping Pumpkin zombie.

In addition to the Halloween theme in the new update, improvements can be seen in the game-play. It will get a new open character system, which will give players the option to shoot the new character Victor of Survive Till Dawn mode.

Reload time for the new character is very short. Apart from this, players will also get new vipens. These weapons will have 12 gauge shot guns, which can fire up to two rounds.

Apart from this, M134 Minigan will be available, which can fire up to 200 rounds. Not only this, players will also get an assault rifle. Players will get a Flemthrower to kill Jombi, who can fire from a distance of 10 meters.

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Netflix says it’ll retain the streaming crown, not upset regarding Walt Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus

Netflix, that dominates streaming, says it’ll still hold the crown, even within the face of intense new competition in Nov from the likes of Apple and Walt Disney.

Netflix says it'll retain the streaming crown; not upset regarding Walt Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus

However, the corporate saw a smaller subscriber gain than analysts projected, for the second quarter in a very row, with 6.7 million superimposed, in need of its seven million projection.

The corporate, that currently has 158 million subscribers worldwide, had lost one hundred thirty,thousand subscribers domestically within the previous quarter.

Netflix hack:Why would someone hassle to hack your account on the streaming service?

Netflix says it’ll retain the streaming crown.

Still, Netflix proclaimed some dazzling viewership numbers for its original programming. within the 1st four weeks of the third season of its escape hit unknown Things, Netflix aforementioned regarding sixty four million individuals tuned in.

And for the docu-drama restricted series Unbelievable, regarding 2 cops making an attempt to resolve a rape case, thirty two million tuned sure the primary twenty eight days.

By comparison, the very best rated scripted TV program, NCIS, saw some twelve.5 million standardization in to a recent episode.

Apple’s TV and is ready to debut on Gregorian calendar month. 1, and appears to undercut Netflix with a well lower subscription fee, $4.99 monthly, or one year free with purchase of an Apple product (iPhone, iPad, computer, Apple TV streaming box of iPod bit.)

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The Walt Disney and service, that offers library content from the Walt Disney, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic and Lucasfilm libraries, is $6.99.

Netflix’s preferred rating is $13.99 monthly.

“The probably outcome,” from the launch of latest streaming services “will be to accelerate the shift from linear TV to on demand consumption of diversion,”

says Netflix.

For Ex: Netflix notice that within the starting of 10 year of cable network like TBS, USA, ESPN, MTV and Discovery didn’t siphon audience share from one another, however instead, they together took audience share from broadcast viewing.

Netflix perennial its prediction that streaming would replace linear TV over future decade. “Our focus can still get on pleasing our members and growing engagement as a result of that approach has served U.S. well since 1997.”

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On a video interview announce on YouTube when the earnings, Netflix corporate executive browse Hastings aforementioned the “Streaming Wars” and therefore the new competition “draws a lot of attention,” to Netflix and alternative streamers, “and helps customers shift a lot of quickly from linear to streaming TV.”

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BLOODSHOT – Official Trailer Starrer Vin Diesel

Sony’s initial fearless Comics adaptation—after disbursement years making an attempt to induce a medium universe based mostly off of the indie superhero comics universe off the ground—tells the story of a soldier named Ray Garrison (Diesel) brought back to life because of Rising Spirit Technologies (RST).

Bloodshot offical trailer

Not solely that, his blood was crammed with nanobots which will repair his body and provides him super-strength.

Garrison uses his new godlike skills to travel when the one who killed his partner—except he’s doing it over and over and once again.

It doesn’t take long for the reality to return out: The corporation that remodeled him is manipulating his recollections to induce him to kill individuals for them. Turn’s out Garrison’s not too happy thereupon,and currently RST has an unkillable and really angry Vin Diesel on its blood-stained hands!

In addition to Diesel, unhealthy stars Guy Pearce, mug Kebbel, surface-to-air missile Heughan, Eliza Gonzalez, Talulah Riley, and others. .

By this film is Dave Wilson’s debutting in directorial, having antecedently worked as an original supervisor on Avengers: Age of Ultron and planning game trailers.

Including trailers for Bioware’s sci-fi epic Mass result a pair of, that featured an analogous “let’s place little bots within to repair a person” sequence and should make a case for why they appear pretty acquainted. Shame that unhealthy is not any Commander Shepard, though.

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Dofollow Backlinks and get free dofollow backlinks list

What is a dofollow backlink?

20+ Free dofollow backlink
20+ Free dofollow backlink

Dofollow backlink passes the authority from the referring web site to the coupled web site. Crawlers count these links and their anchor texts. Therefore, dofollow backlinks directly influence your backlink profile as a result of they send a sign to go looking engines what’s the coupled web site concerning.

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Free 20+ Dofollow backlinks site list:

  1. https://www.deviantart.com
  2. http://www.magcloud.com
  3. http://www.dead.net/home
  4. https://www.thurrott.com
  5. https://kdp.amazon.com
  6. https://developer.samsung.com
  7. https://issuu.com/
  8. https://onmogul.com/
  9. https://www.intensedebate.com/
  10. https://www.eetimes.com/
  11. https://www.docracy.com
  12. https://bandcamp.com/
  13. https://www.yelloyello.com/
  14. https://www.edocr.com
  15. http://www.bly.com
  16. https://getpocket.com
  17. https://www.instapaper.com
  18. https://www.projectmanagement.com/registerMain.cfm?ID=newuser-0607035458&register=free
  19. https://forums.holdemmanager.com/register.php
  20. https://www.blogger.com
  21. https://www.instructables.com/account/register/
  22. https://auth.voxmedia.com/signup?community_id=372&return_to=https://www.theverge.com/
  23. https://www.deviantart.com/join/
  24. https://www.mobypicture.com/

An example of Dofollow Link:


Note: By default all the hyperlinks area unit dofollow. So, you don’t got to do something to form a link do-follow.

Important Notice:-

Recently Google has aforesaid that they’ll still count the nofollow link as associate degree outgoing link in terms of the distribution of page rank from your page. although once more it conjointly depends on wherever that nofollow link is placed.

Inserting a nofollow link at rock bottom of the page has the smallest amount impact, and once placed at the highest of the page, it carries some impact.

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Instagram users will get more control over their data

Through this feature, users will be able to control their personal information more than before. This feature is about the personal information that we share with any third party through the app.

After Facebook, now wrong information will also be reported on Instagram
Instagram users will get more control over their data

Facebook-owned company Instagram has brought a new feature for its users. Through this feature, users will be able to control their personal information more than before.

This feature is about the personal information that we share with any third party through the app. The company has said that it will take about 6 months to implement this feature.

After the implementation of this feature, anyone will be able to know which third party service is taking its data. This feature can prove to be very useful for users. However, as we told you it will take 6 months to launch.

What is Instagram says: Instagram says that it is very important to keep user data secure. Especially the data they share.

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The company wants to increase user control over data shared by users with other apps and services. Apart from this feature, the company is also trying to bring an updated authorization screen, which will also inform users about the request of the third party to use the data.

A list of all requests will be given on this screen. There will be an option to cancel and authorize the request.

Through this feature, users will be able to control their personal information more than before.

This feature is about the personal information that we share with any third party through the app. Instagram user will control on their data

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How To Find WhatsApp Users Exact Location

Tracking a WhatsApp users location while not even material possession them apprehend.

how to find anyone whatsapp location

There ar such a big amount of things that we’ve gained access to with the advancement of technology.

Some ar unhealthy and black however a number of them may very be fun to possess some together with your friends. One such factor is chase someone’s location while not even material possession them apprehend that you just ar chase on them.

There will be uncountable reasons for chase an individual. Be it your youngsters, spouse, adult male or girlfriend.

We have come back up with one such thanks to track the precise location of any Whatsapp user with simply some straightforward steps.

The method could also be a touch long however is value making an attempt out

Copy any random computer address like YouTube url


Go to grabify.link and paste the computer address in ‘Create or Track computer address section. (Note: don’t shut the grabify page yet).

You’ll currently choose any sort of masking within the computer address from slime.gl or youtu.be.

Copy the new computer address and send it to the person you wish to trace on WhatsApp traveller.

As shortly because the person opens the computer address, head back to the grabify page and refresh it. you may get the information processing address of the device during which computer address was accessed.

Copy the information processing address and visit iplocation.net.

Paste the information processing address on the information processing search section.

You will currently get the precise coordinates of the information processing address i.e. latitude and line of longitude.

In a new tab visit google maps and currently one by one copy the latitude and line of longitude coordinates and paste it into the search bar separating them with area.

Hit the search button and you may get the precise location of the person stapled on the map.

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